Player Registration

Go to

Hover over “Join Now” and a drop-down box will appear

Scroll down to First Time Member

Scroll down to “To join USA Volleyball Click Here”

This will take you to the “Membership Form”

Fill in the form, all spaces with an * must be completed

Create Log-In Account

  •  User Name
  • Password (must be at least 6 characters)
  • Confirm Password

Membership Options Page

  • Verify Member information
  • Select Club: (Select one from the drop-down box)
    • Ex. Arkansas Junior Storm

Membership Type

  • Select circle with corresponding membership type
    • Ex. Delta-Regular Junior Girls Membership
  • Click Submit

Fill in Parent/Guardian Information

  • All items with an * will need to be completed

College Recruiting Information

  • Check box if applicable
  • Click Submit

The next page will be the confirmation page and total amount due

  • Enter Payment Method

USAV Waiver Information

  • Click USAV Waiver and Release of Liability”
    • After reading check the box
  •  Click “USAV Participant Code of Conduct
    • After reading check the box
  •  Read “Use Agreement” and check the box

Fill in the box containing the last four digits of your social security or drivers license number.

  • Click “Confirm”

You are all finished with the Player/Parent portion.

You will receive and email confirming your membership.